Increasing importance has the organic food production: its growth is increasing in demand and consumption.
The needs of our clients are our needs, this is the reason we have developed a product line dedicated to organic production.


We apply a careful selection on our products.
Constantly they are verified and certified by quality control over the entire production chain: making the choice of best environmental practices, no use of synthetic chemicals, no use of genetically modified organisms (gmo).


The culture and the animal protection are in the first place, as your and our needs.
From farm to your home, our products are constantly monitored with high attention, so that the biological regulation is respected and maintained.


Our organic food products offer of a wide selection of dishes, pasta and rise topped with dried natural ingredients, of the highest quality.
From fusilli with mushrooms, penne all’arrabiata until rice with truffle: tasty dishes for the most demanding guest.
And everything is organic ... and certified!

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