Research and development

Cutting-edge design, top-quality materials and great attention to details are the features characterizing 36028 sports clothes.
Each seam, each support, each single detail is designed to provide every athlete with great comfort to express themselves at their best, reaching the limits of their physical and mental skills.

Materials are accurately selected and elaborated starting from the specific characteristics of a single model: the aim is  to provide an item that goes along with every single movement of the athlete while practicing.

The world of sport
Sport is evolving fast and continuously.
Athletes’ needs become more and more specific.
The desire of improving their performances get more and more pressing. 

Experience, research and innovation: the world of 36028 
The long and consolidated experience in producing sports items would be vain and useless with no study, research and design.

36028 has succeeded in merging experience and research in a harmonic and fruitful way, learning technical skills and starting a process of innovation and constant improvement.

Reaching high-quality standards has been possible only in virtue of the passion for research and development that every day the equipe of our professionals shows.